Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time to wear white, so what do you wear UNDER white?

I am of the school that underwear means UNDER and that your clothes are the fashion item.  Your clothes should flatter your shape - not that ratty pink thong and bra straps galore.  After all, you spent good money on those white linen pants and adorable fashion top, so why detract from them with your underwear. 

So what DO you wear under white?  Well many believe that you wear white under white, but unless your a relative of Casper the Ghost, white will show up too!  So the correct answer is Nude.  You should wear nude under white and that is why in the real bra world nude is your basic go to.  Try to find a nude that is close to your skin tone and it will be invisible under white.  

And remember ladies: 1.) the proper fitting bra will lift and shape your girls under that adorable top  2.) Go for a seamless panty or thong to avoid panty lines and 3.) Don't wear underwear that is too small!  If the elastic is cutting in and creating bulges, that is what you will see under your clothing.