Thursday, October 10, 2013

So just how long should your bras last?

A good bra is worn day in and day out. It has the important job of supporting your girls. So just  how long should a bra last?  Not as long as most of you think!  Just because you think your bra still looks O.K.  doesn't mean it is still doing it's job.   There are many factors that determine the life of your bra such as care and breast size, but most bras will last anywhere from 6-18 months.  You will know you need new bras when you have tightened the band to the tightest set of hooks and the band is slipping up your back and you are having to adjust it all the time.  (remember your bra band should stay low on the rib cage and parallel to the floor).

You should probably have a bare minimum of 3 nude bras and 2 black bras in your basic wardrobe.  This will allow you to rotate the bras, let them rest and wash them every 3-5 wears.  Sweat and oils break down elastic and can shorten the life of your bra, so proper care is essential to a long life.

Hand Washing Your Bras (Preferred Method) (exert from
  1. Fill a basin with lukewarm water.
  2. Add Silk & Lingerie Wash as specified on the container.
  3. Soak lingerie for up to one hour.
  4. Rinse the bras of excess wash.
  5. Pat dry the bras and reshape the cups with your hands. Don't wring out or stretch your bras.
  6. Hang the bras to dry. NEVER ever put your bras in the dryer!

You may also take your bras in the shower and wash them with your body wash or shampoo and then hang them to dry. Please, just keep them out of the washer and dryer!

Storing Your Molded Cup Bras (exert from
  1. Stack your bras in your drawer.
  2. Never invert one cup into the other. Doing so destroys the fibers in the molding, makes the cups bumpy, and shortens the life of your bra.
  3. When traveling, pack your Molded Cup Bras last, stacking one on top of each other, and stuff the cups with panties so that they hold their shape. For extra protection, use a molded Bra Travel Case.

The way you put on your bra can also affect it's life.  If you are able to, you should always put your arms through the straps, lean over and hook the bra in the back.  If you hook the bra in the front and then turn it around, you are stretching the band daily and therefore shortening the life of the bra.

Last, but certainly not least, breast size has a huge impact on how long your bras will last.  If you have smaller breasts, the band of the bra is not doing nearly as much work as a band supporting full breasts.
If your body weight fluctuates a lot, you may  also need to be fitted for new bras before they are worn out.  Remember good fit is important to breast health, so treat your girls right and make sure they are properly supported.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time to wear white, so what do you wear UNDER white?

I am of the school that underwear means UNDER and that your clothes are the fashion item.  Your clothes should flatter your shape - not that ratty pink thong and bra straps galore.  After all, you spent good money on those white linen pants and adorable fashion top, so why detract from them with your underwear. 

So what DO you wear under white?  Well many believe that you wear white under white, but unless your a relative of Casper the Ghost, white will show up too!  So the correct answer is Nude.  You should wear nude under white and that is why in the real bra world nude is your basic go to.  Try to find a nude that is close to your skin tone and it will be invisible under white.  

And remember ladies: 1.) the proper fitting bra will lift and shape your girls under that adorable top  2.) Go for a seamless panty or thong to avoid panty lines and 3.) Don't wear underwear that is too small!  If the elastic is cutting in and creating bulges, that is what you will see under your clothing.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes! lots wear pretty lace, perfume and makeup too!

Let's face it, Mom is probably the biggest superhero of them all!  She always appears magically when you need her; with all of the strength, support and problem solving skills of the best!  It is no wonder she doesn't turn in circles and magically appear in a wonder woman suit!  Well just because she touts super hero strength, doesn't mean she doesn't like to feel beautiful too.  I mean Mom is still a woman  on every level, and sometimes she needs to be reminded just how beautiful she IS.   So in lieu of that kitchen gadget you were going to get her this year, maybe you could get her something pretty?  At Arcella's we have the perfect gifts for pampering Mom.  Try putting together one of our custom spa gift baskets complete with aromatherapy shower fizzies, bubble bath and Mistral French Milled Soaps.  Or pick out a new fragrance for her from our Zents line of perfume, lotions and soaps.  Pretty pajamas are always a treat for mom too,  and if you are really stumped a gift certificate will always do the trick.  That way Mom can come in and get the perfect bra to support the girls, or maybe a little mineral makeup from Inika to make her feel really special.   So remember, just because Mom is a superhero, doesn't mean she wants a cape...........she probably would much rather have something pretty, lacy or fragrant to make her feel beautiful.

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Art of Bra Fitting

From the time I started wearing a bra, to the time I found myself in the lingerie business; nearly 25 years passed before I was "properly" fitted for a bra! I can not believe it! I must say I did my darndest to figure out my bra size on my own, by reading, trying on and using on-line calculators.  I was measured once at Victoria's Secret, years ago, but they didn't have my size and suggested going up a band size and down in the cup size.  I have to say, I was shocked when I was properly fitted in a bra size I never heard of before! A 30" Band! That is where my passion and drive for this business began. I want to help every woman find her true bra size and discover just what a difference a properly fitting bra can make.   So with that said, there is definitely and art to fitting bras.  It not only requires a tape measure, but an eye for the different shapes of women, and a knowledge of the different styles and manufacturers of bras. 

So what should you expect when you come to Arcella's for a bra fitting?  First of all, I will try to make you as comfortable as possible in the dressing room.  I will start your assesment before you even remove your shirt.  Once your shirt is removed, I will  continue my assesment by measuring you for your band size.  I will then take a measurement over the fullest part of your bust line to get a ballpark of your cup size. This is where the art comes in......while you wait in the comfort of the dressing room, I will bring you a bra to start the fitting process.  I will keep returning with bras until we find the style and size that are perfect for you.  That is it! If I don't have it, I will follow up when the perfect  merchandise comes in.

I realize that this experience may seam a bit unnerving to some of you, but I promise I will do my best to make it a comfortable and enlightening experience.  Soooo,  if you straps are falling down or your girls are talking to your belly button,  it is time for you to consider a bra fitting with yours truly.  See you soon!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine's Lingerie - Is it for you?

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of squeezing into a corset or baring their abs in a flyaway babydoll, but shouldn't every woman feel pretty and sexy for their hot date on Valentine's Day?  We think so! Whether your married, engaged or going on a first date which may turn hot and heavy,  do you really want to be wearing that mismatched bra and granny panty set  you wear every day?  Your significant other will definitely appreciate the effort and more importantly you may be surprised at what some pretty panties will do for your libido.   That is why we are here!  Come by and check out all our Valentine's lingerie.  Pick out a baby doll, bustier set or corset.  Pair it with some thigh high fishnet stockings if you want.....or if you are on the more practical side pick up a sexy bra and panty set that you can not only wear more often, but all day in anticipation of your date night.   Here a just a couple of our new arrivals from Felina and Wacoal B.Tempt'd.