Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes! lots wear pretty lace, perfume and makeup too!

Let's face it, Mom is probably the biggest superhero of them all!  She always appears magically when you need her; with all of the strength, support and problem solving skills of the best!  It is no wonder she doesn't turn in circles and magically appear in a wonder woman suit!  Well just because she touts super hero strength, doesn't mean she doesn't like to feel beautiful too.  I mean Mom is still a woman  on every level, and sometimes she needs to be reminded just how beautiful she IS.   So in lieu of that kitchen gadget you were going to get her this year, maybe you could get her something pretty?  At Arcella's we have the perfect gifts for pampering Mom.  Try putting together one of our custom spa gift baskets complete with aromatherapy shower fizzies, bubble bath and Mistral French Milled Soaps.  Or pick out a new fragrance for her from our Zents line of perfume, lotions and soaps.  Pretty pajamas are always a treat for mom too,  and if you are really stumped a gift certificate will always do the trick.  That way Mom can come in and get the perfect bra to support the girls, or maybe a little mineral makeup from Inika to make her feel really special.   So remember, just because Mom is a superhero, doesn't mean she wants a cape...........she probably would much rather have something pretty, lacy or fragrant to make her feel beautiful.

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  1. Yup, Superhero Mom here! Wake up, fix lunch for kid, send kid off to school, do workout, start working, do laundry, cook dinner, work some more, go to bed - wakeup and repeat. Hope you sell bunches.