Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Funny Lingerie Story

A good friend and customer recently shared  a lingerie mishap with me that I just couldn't resist passing along. 

Marissa (name changed for privacy) had purchased a perfectly fitting, sexy little black chemise from our store and was excited to show it off for her hubby.  She left the store with her lingerie purchase, went home showered with her new Zents soap and then moisturized her body in her new Zents shea butter lotion.  Marissa slipped into her sexy little chemise and proceeded to get dressed for dinner date with her husband.  She was feeling on top of the world.  Marissa and her husband enjoyed their meal and returned home.  Marissa teased her hubby with the straps of her little black number and tried to seduce him, but he was just too FULL from the wonderul food!  Disappointed, they retired to bed and Marissa put away her little black chemise for another occassion.

A few months later, Marissa nad Hubby went on a vacation get away to Las Vegas.  Marissa thought to herself, what a perfect place and opportunity to try out the sexy little black chemise!  Marissa dressed herself again and they left for an afternoon and evening on the town.   They walked and walked and walked.  After a full evening of food and sites,  they returned to the hotel room.  Marissa was ready for action, but was feeling a little sweaty from all the walking around, so she thought she would take a quick shower first and then slip back into her lingerie. When she emerged from the shower ready  for action, Hubby was rolling with laughter.........it seams Marissa's little black chemise had left black dye stains on her skin on all of the most curvaceous parts of her body.

So ladies, sometimes, the romantic evening doesn't always work out as you planned, but if you can laugh together they say that is the best medicine anyway. 

Tip - Always,wash your lingerie before wearing.  Consider the lotion you put on your body before your lingerie and also weather you will be active for a long period of time before you intend to reveal your sexy little outfit. 

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