Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day - Love it or Hate it?

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and while many of you ladies may be starting to swell with anticipation, others simply hate the day.  Maybe because your solo or maybe because it is too comercialized for your taste. But in any event, love is in the air and when in as the Romans do.  

If you are flying solo this Valentine's Day, get together with some single gal pals and exchange little gifts that make you feel like the Divas that you are.  Have a lingerie party or an at home spa party where you share your favorite bubble bath, make-up, soap, lotions or massage oils.  

Feeling like you are the only one that isn't hooked up for the Holiday?  Pamper yourself!  Take the time to light a candle and soak in that tub of luxurious bubble bath or pick up a love spell bath bomb from Arcella's then exfoliate with a salt scrub and moisturize with your favorite lotion scent! 

Maybe your coupled up for Valentine's 2011 but are just plain out of ideas on how to spend it......well this Valentine's relax with the one you love.  Create a cozy dinner at home with your favorite Archipelago Botanicals candle, silk rose petals scattered about and a sexy little bustier or chemise waiting to be discovered.  You can make it a playful evening with new products from the Kama Sutra company like their chocolate body paint, or give each other a relaxing massage with their massage oils.  

No matter what your status this Valentine's Day love yourself, love your friend and love the one your with!

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