Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine's Lingerie - Is it for you?

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of squeezing into a corset or baring their abs in a flyaway babydoll, but shouldn't every woman feel pretty and sexy for their hot date on Valentine's Day?  We think so! Whether your married, engaged or going on a first date which may turn hot and heavy,  do you really want to be wearing that mismatched bra and granny panty set  you wear every day?  Your significant other will definitely appreciate the effort and more importantly you may be surprised at what some pretty panties will do for your libido.   That is why we are here!  Come by and check out all our Valentine's lingerie.  Pick out a baby doll, bustier set or corset.  Pair it with some thigh high fishnet stockings if you want.....or if you are on the more practical side pick up a sexy bra and panty set that you can not only wear more often, but all day in anticipation of your date night.   Here a just a couple of our new arrivals from Felina and Wacoal B.Tempt'd.

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